Our traffic ticket attorneys are 95% successful getting any moving violation dismissed. Michigan law enforcement will be cracking down this summer, especially on Commercial Motor Vehicle Drivers. We defend and fight the violation for you so you do not have to attend court. Traffic ticket revenue has become more and more crucial to struggling states such as Michigan.


Common Violations, Infractions, and Citations that can really hurt if convicted:

Speeding MCL 392.2

1-5  over the posted speed limit - 2 points
6-10 over the posted speed limit: -  3 points for regular motorists, 4 points for Commercial Driving License (CDL) holders.
11-15 over the posted speed limit:  - 4 points for  regular motorists, 7 points for Commercial Motor Vehicle Motorists (CMV)
16-20 over the posted speed limit - 4 points  for regular motorists, 10 points for CDL Holders and Commerical Vehicle Motorists

Texting, Distracted Driving, or Cell Phone Usage: 2 points for regular drivers, 10 points for CDL holders/ CMV Drivers.

Seat Belt ticket: No points but appears on record and insurance may increase for regular drivers -  7 points for CDL holders.

Improper Lane Usage: 2 points for regular motorists, 5 points for CDL holders

Disregard Traffic Control Device: 3 Points for regular motorists, 5 points for CDL holders

Following Too Close: 2 points - 5 for CDL Drivers

Careless Driving: 3 points - 7 for CDL Drivers

Reckless Driving, 6 points - 10 points for CDL Drivers