Marijuana or drug violations are equvelent to a death sentence for a CDL driver or almost any other professional license.

Drug violations appear on your criminal (police) record through the Law Enforcement Information Network (L.E.I.N.) and your master driving record.

Both records are routinely accessed by police, licensing authoritise, emplloyers and insurance companies that effect you directly.

The key is to not allow the violation to become a "conviction" ...... and....... not to allow it to "abstract" to your record. Or, if it is, to remove it from your record.

"Acquittal" of the drug violation means your exhonorated and the offense cannot legally stay on your record, and must be removed.

There are also authorized legal avenues to remove a conviction after it is on your record.  This is called "expungement" or "setting aside" the conviction.

If you want to remove or keep a drug or marijuana viioation off of your driving and criminal record.  

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