Why has the National Motorists Association named Metro Detroit
one of the worst areas in the nation for speed traps? Law Enforcement
Agencies write more tickets per capita than most states. Is it to keep 
citizens safe or is all about the revenue?

Biggest Speed Traps:

  • Eight Mile near Woodward. (Ferndale)
  • Eureka Road behind Metropolitan Airport. (Romulus)
  • Novi Rd and 12 mile (Novi)

Interesting Facts:

  • Many speed limits are artificially low to make it easy for police to write tickets.
  • Non-residents, twice as likely to get written a ticket.
  • Young drivers make up 13% of our population but account for 33% of tickets.
  • Insurance companies can raise rates, even for zero point tickets.

Tourists from other States, or Canadian drivers, merely pay the ticket as
they generally cannot attend the court date themselves to contest the allegation.
Additionally, most are not aware of  the new laws that the conviction will carry
over to their state of residence. Michigan shares information with 45 other states,
as well as Canada.

The good news is you don't have to pay that ticket. Any ticketed person has
the right to contest any ticket. A good traffic ticket defense attorney or lawyer
can articulately contest any violation, citation, or infraction. Our firm is ultra
agressive and obtains favorable results at a success rate of 95%.

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