For a professional truck driver, your CDL (Commercial Driver’s License) is essential to your livelihood. Speeding Tickets are among the most common of all traffic violations. Professional Drivers of Commercial Motor Vehicles, are heavily targeted in Michigan.

Speeding Laws vary from State to State. In Michigan, if you are convicted on a Speeding Ticket and are a Commercial Driving License Holder, consequences are much harsher. A speeding ticket, even in a personal vehicle, will also affect your CDL license. Each year stricter laws are implemented making it tougher to drive a commercial vehicle in Michigan for a living.

CDL Driver’s Responsibility to Provide Notification of Convictions or Suspensions

It is especially important to seek a CDL Violation lawyer if ticketed. Per the Secretary of State:

“You must notify your employer in writing of traffic violations (other than a parking ticket) committed in any motor vehicle within 30 days of conviction. The notification must include:

  • Your full name and signature
  • Driver’s license number
  • Date of conviction
  • Specific violation(s) committed
  • Whether the violation was in a CMV
  • The location of the violation


Keep Your Job, Not Your Speeding Ticket

It is especially important in 2020 to defend your Speeding Ticket, or any Traffic Ticket, (moving violation) for that matter. CDL Holders, (Commercial Drivers) face more stringent rules on both levels, federal and state. If a Driver Vehicle Inspection Report was done, the speeding violation, or other CDL traffic ticket citation, or infraction, will cause the same ramifications, as far as CSA (Compliance, Safety, Accountability), to your employer as it does to you.

Serious Violations that not only can cause dismissal from employment, but force drivers into driving vehicles that a Commercial Driving License is not needed for, as you may be disqualified if two incidents are within a three year period:

  1. Improper Passing
  2. Following Too Closely
  3. Exceeding the speed limit by 15 mph over the limit
  4. Improper endorsement (Driving a Commercial Vehicle without a Commercial License)
  5. Improper Lane Usage
  6. Failing to Stop
  7. Driving Too Fast for Conditions
  8. Texting While Driving
  9. Reckless Driving
  10. Use of a Mobile Device While Driving
  11. Failing to Yield
  12. Negligent Driving

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